Human factors job search template

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Your goal is to gain an understanding of the qualifications, skills, and educational

backgrounds required for Human Factors (HF) professionals. While this course is not designed
for job placement, this activity is intended to expose you to HF jargon, how everyday people
define HF, subspecialties that may be of interest to you, and differences between research/design.
Equally important is to understand what skills might be inappropriately labeled as an HF
responsibility, indicating that the employer is incorrect in their expectations.
To receive full credit, you must use the template provided on Page 2 of this document to
describe your findings. Red text is used to provide sample content – remember to replace the red
sample text with your answers in normal black text. Upload your paper to the designated Canvas
module by the due date indicated in Canvas. Your objectives are to locate 2 advertised positions
using an internet search as follows:
 Position 1: Research focused Human Factors job
 Position 2: Design focused Human Factors job
Scoring Rubric
a) Proper use of this template, grammar, sentence structure 1 Point(s)
b) Clearly identifies 2 separate positions, 1 for research and 1 for design 1 Point(s)
Total Scoring: this assignment will account for 2% of your final grade 2 Total Points

Requirements: one page order now!

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